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Park your office chairs with Nissan's Self-driving Car Tech

by Dominic Hamlin

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It's the classic scenario: you and your colleagues leave the room in a state, with the chairs all over the place, as you desperately try to scramble out of the room after another painful meeting. Not to worry – Nissan have showcased a new self-parking chair, which means those chairs dotted around the room can find their way back to the desk all on their own! Although Nissan have no plans for these chairs to go on the market and are instead using them to promote their self-driving car technology, perhaps in the near future you can beat your old record as you scurry out the exit of meeting room 1.

We are currently in an era where companies, especially in the technical and creative sectors, are much more concerned with creating an enjoyable working environment that improves productivity and wellbeing. The prominence of the dull walls, bare open-plan spaces and cubicles is no longer. Replacing these features are trendy designs, beanbags, lounges and table tennis. With the rise of these ever so contemporary offices, Nissans self-parking chairs would certainly not look out of place.

There is of course an element of laziness about these chairs but perhaps we can call them time savers, so we do not have to muster up the energy after a long table tennis game to put our chairs back. This is neither here nor there, as whatever your views are about the need for these chairs, the mechanics of them are pretty impressive. The self-parking chairs have the ability to turn themselves around 360 degrees and move back to a desired spot by extracting information from motion cameras that are placed around the room. The Wi-Fi cameras transmit the necessary information, which provide the chairs with a route back to the destination and this is all triggered by a clap… yep, just like the movies.

The whole office space culture has evolved into an acute blend of work and leisure to create something that is in between. With global companies like Google and Red Bull at the forefront of these wacky office designs, the trend will only continue and maybe in the future our cars will drive us to work, where we'll sit in Nissan's clap-on, clap-off chairs.

Written by Dominic Hamlin


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