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Welcome to London's new hotspots

by Kate Tattersfield

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Still participating in post-work drinks around Shoreditch? Think Hackney's the most avant-garde you can get? Think again. Broaden your horizons and set your sights to the likes of Walthamstow, Peckham, Stratford and Deptford this summer.


Credit: Loz Pycock

Anthology Deptford Foundry, once a thriving design centre, has been repurposed into a neighbourhood of new homes.


Situated in the London Borough of Lewisham, Deptford, or 'Depeord' as it was known back in the days of Old English, has a rich Naval history and is now famous for being one of the trendiest places in the capital. From the mid-16th through to the 19th century, it was home to the first Royal Navy Dockyard, and clues to its naval past can be detected all around the city. In the 20th century, the area fell into economic decline and disrepair, as its commercial docks closed down and it was bombed during WWII. The 21st century, as with many of London's once neglected areas, has thus far been all about regeneration.


The location is a mixing pot of different cultures and an ever-growing community of artists continue to filter in from the nearby Goldsmiths University, fuelling the area's creative energy. One of the most exciting aspects of Deptford is its buzzing nightlife and music scene. The Bunker on the Broadway showcases live bands, art collectives, DJs and trashy club nights. The iconic Birds Nest pub, set amongst residences, is a rock pub and music venue which also serves an excellent selection of real ales.


Hidden gem: Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden- a unique green space in the heart of Deptford.





56 St James: the first hipster cafe sighting in the 'stow.


Residents of this North East London district are proud of their postcode, so much so that a group of lads in the '90s even named their band after it. First time buyers in London have been lured in by the (relatively) cheap(er) house prices over the past few years. Although it's all the way out in the depths zone 3, Walthamstow is incredibly well connected: the Victoria line can get you to the West End in no time.


Locals are spoilt for choice when it comes to the hottest new and established food joints. Try out sourdough pizza cafe Sodo and Buhler or The Bell on Forest Road, which doles out generous portions of classic dishes at good prices.


Hidden gem: The Mill, a whole-community venture promoting inclusivity.




Credit: Kat Sommers


Frank's bar is situated at the top of the car park.


The workspace project will provide affordable membership to the local community; locals will also be able to enjoy public events and activities in the building.


Peckham is overspilling with cutting-edge bars, restaurants and venues. One of it's most iconic structures, the multi-storey car park near the overground station, shot to fame when Frank's Campari Bar took residence on the roof terrace in 2008. The remainder of the building has - until recently - been something of an empty shell. Not for much longer. Peckham Levels, a project by the people behind Pop Brixton, are in the process of converting the empty space into an exciting new hub of creative workspaces, shared studios, larger offices and, of course, eateries. Southwark's councillor Mark Williams says: 'Peckham is a huge success already and making better use of the unused parts of the multi-storey car park will help the area go from strength to strength, and I look forward to seeing the Peckham Levels opening next year.'


Watch this space for more info.


Hidden gem: Miss Tapas, a teeny tiny restaurant that doesn't take bookings.





Credit: Sludge G


Next level helter skelter: take a trip down the giant slide at the Orbit.


E20 is London's new hotspot for bars and, unsurprisingly, sporting activities. Jaguar Shoes, the nightlife entrepreneurs behind Hand of Glory in Dalston have hopped over to Newham Borough and opened RedYellowBlue on Victory Parade. Roof East is another notable hipster hotspot, located on top of the shopping centre (that's the one that isn't Westfield). Roof East screens contemporary and classic films. A close contender to the afore-mentioned Frank's in Peckham, the rooftop bar also hosts art events and morning exercise classes. There's also loads to do in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, including cycling, swimming, tennis and a host of other exciting sports.


Hidden gem: Take in the views, buy local produce and hire a bike at the View Tube Stratford.


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Written by Kate Tattersfield


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