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Who we are

Office Space London provides a simple yet expert service that is free and impartial, and whose job it is to help your business find the perfect office space in London. Our carefully recruited consultants are market specialists and experts in matching your business requirements with the ideal office solution across our full London portfolio. Our team have an extensive record in sourcing offices for companies of all sizes, and have worked alongside the world’s leading office space broker for over a decade. This, and our comprehensive industry knowledge means Office Space London are most effective in the market to find the right space to satisfy your company’s requirements. With our team having established a great reputation in the market over the years, we have built and maintained strong relationships with the office space providers across London, meaning we have full coverage and are able to help you secure ideal spaces for the best possible deals. Our long-standing relationships with the business centres and office providers help us work in your best interests, ensuring you secure space on the terms that best suit you. Since we have full coverage of the London market, Office Space London is essentially a one-stop-service to get you from searching, to working in your brand new office.

Our History

Although only recently established, Office Space London have already built and are growing an experienced team of consultative market specialists who bring with them decades of industry knowledge. The team have extensive experience in all sectors of the flexible office industry which makes them well placed to fully understand your needs and satisfy your requirements. Our award-winning property experts have been helping clients worldwide to find their ideal London office, whether it be for 1 or 100+ people.

How can we help

Our dedicated team understand that with the flexible and serviced market consistently growing year on year, it can be difficult to start your search when there is an overwhelming amount of choice. It takes you away from handling your day to day business as you begin a search, call agent after agent, and try to make time to arrange viewings. To avoid this long-drawn-out, and usually frustrating experience, your solution is to contact Office Space London. Our team will listen, guide, and comprehensively deal with all aspects of your requirement from your first call with us, and you can expect a full viewing schedule for your selected properties delivered straight to your inbox. We are prepared, ready and equipped to get you moved into your new office on any timescale, whether it be in 12 months or today. We have found clients their ideal office for which they've signed for within 2 hours of speaking to us.

We are dedicate to guide you through the process from initial enquiry, all the way to you moving into your new office. This means we don’t just suggest buildings and book viewings. One of our Office Space London property market specialists will accompany you (if you wish) on our well selected viewings, work with you to shortlist the most suitable options, use our long-standing relationships with the office providers to negotiate you the best deal, help you review the license agreement so you feel comfortable to sign, and essentially be your single point of contact who is on your side the entire process. Our service is 100% free & impartial, and we listen meticulously to our clients’ needs allowing us to identify specifically the suitable properties and offices on your behalf. So with our expert assistance we do the leg-work so that you can focus on what really matters, your business.

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